Simply parses and autocompletes email addresses

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Library that allows you simply parse your email addresses from string or array and autocomplete domain name if needed.


Add the package to your composer.json and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "kozz/email-address-parser": "*"


Parse String

    use Kozz\Components\Email\AddressParser;
    $emails = 'example0@gmail.com , example1@gmail.com example2@gmail.com';
    $array = AddressParser::parse($emails)->toArray();
    //$array = ['example0@gmail.com','example1@gmail.com', 'example2@gmail.com']

Autocomplete domain

    use Kozz\Components\Email\AddressParser;
    $emails = 'john@, aaron@, no-reply@gmail.com';
    $array = AddressParser::parse($emails, 'company.com')->toArray();
    //$array = ['john@company.com', 'aaron@company.com', 'no-reply@gmail.com']

Built-in email validation

    use Kozz\Components\Email\AddressParser;
    $emails = 'john@, no-reply@gmail.com, ... skjs  sljfasfn afs, jhsldf.sdfjk"""85;@#$ ';
    $array = AddressParser::parse($emails, 'company.com')->toArray();
    //$array = ['john@company.com', 'no-reply@gmail.com']