Laravel email validation that uses the Mailgun API for a three-step validation check.

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Laravel Mailgun Email Validation

Laravel email validation that uses the Mailgun API for a three-step validation check.

To find examples of how validation rules can be applied in the Laravel framework, please view the validation docs


Require via composer.

composer require kouz/laravel-mailgun-email-validation

For Laravel >=5.5 the package will be discoverd. For Laravel <=5.4 add package to list of service providers in config/app.php

    'providers' => [

Publish and fill out the config/mailgun-email-validation.php file with your Mailgun API key.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Kouz\LaravelMailgunValidation\ServiceProvider"

Basic Usage

Use the following rule to validate your email fields. The rule will first check the address against PHP's FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL and then will call the Mailgun API.

    'email' => ['required', 'mailgun_email'],

Further flags can added to the rule to make the validation more strict.

    'email' => ['required', 'mailgun_email:role,disposable,mailbox,strict'],

Each flag if present, will add the following validation rules:

  • role Don't allow role-based addresses such as ‘admin’, ‘sales’, ‘webmaster’...
  • disposable Don't allow disposable email domains.
  • mailbox A call is made to the ESP to verify the mailboxes existence. Add strict flag to ensure that Mailgun was able to verify a mailbox and didn't return "Unknown".
  • strict Always require a response from Mailgun to validate. By default if a API request fails, the validation will pass. The strict flag ensures that a Mailgun response was recieved.

Recommended Usage

The following configuration will try to check if the email addresses mailbox exists and is not a disposable email address. If Mailgun is not contactable or Mailgun can't perform the mailbox check, the validation will fall back on PHP's FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL.

    'email' => ['required', 'mailgun_email:disposable,mailbox'],


This project is licensed under a MIT License which you can find in this LICENSE.


If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please feel free to open an issue within this repository.

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