Classes and interfaces for WordPress APIs

v1.0.0 2020-08-03 17:48 UTC


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If you have been coding with plain WordPress functions and long unreadable code, you need to switch to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) code. It's easy! This library makes WordPress more friendly. Plugin and theme authors can create more reusable components and products by using this library.

Available components

  • Almost Controllers
    Handles AJAX and HTTP requests in controllers with Dependency Injection (DI) container and services.
  • Cron
    WordPress Cron events as DI services.
  • Options, Post Meta, Term Meta, Transients
    Validate, save and retrieve any data with Data Transformers.
  • Pages, Notices and Meta Boxes
    Settings pages with Symfony Forms, Twig and more.
  • Plugins and Themes
    Base classes for plugins and themes to work with DI.
  • Scripts & Styles
    Enqueue and register scripts and styles in single service.
  • Translations
    Load translations for your plugin and themes.
  • Uninstall
    Delete all data after your plugin or theme on uninstall.
  • Utils
    Helpful functions which can save time while developing.

How to install?

Use Composer to install this library in your projects.

composer require korobochkin/wp-kit