A PDOStatement for develop

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Last update: 2024-05-31 00:29:25 UTC


Continuous Integration


koriym/dev-pdo-statement log following information to help your sql inspection.

  • Query excution time.
  • Final SQL query with parameter values interpolated into it from prepared statement.
  • The result of EXPLAIN query.
  • The result of SHOW WARNINGS query.


AttachDevPdoStatementclass to the target $pdo.

use Koriym\DevPdoStatement\DevPdoStatement;
use Koriym\DevPdoStatement\Logger;

$pdo->setAttribute(\PDO::ATTR_STATEMENT_CLASS, [DevPdoStatement::class, [$pdo, new Logger]]);

Then $pdo start to log as following on each query.

time:0.00035190582275391 query: INSERT INTO user(id, name) VALUES (99, 'koriym99')
time:0.00020503997802734 query: SELECT id, name FROM user where id > 80
        "Level": "Note",
        "Code": "1003",
        "Message": "\/* select#1 *\/ select `tmp`.`user`.`id` AS `id`,`tmp`.`user`.`name` AS `name` from `tmp`.`user` where (`tmp`.`user`.`id` > 80)"
explain :[
        "id": "1",
        "select_type": "SIMPLE",
        "table": "user",
        "partitions": null,
        "type": "ALL",
        "possible_keys": null,
        "key": null,
        "key_len": null,
        "ref": null,
        "rows": "100",
        "filtered": "33.33",
        "Extra": "Using where"

Custom Log

You can implement custom condition for logging or choose your favorite logger.

use Koriym\DevPdoStatement\LoggerInterface;

class MyPsr3Logger implements LoggerInterface
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function logQuery($query, $time, array $explain, array $warnings)
        // log or throw exception in your custom condition.


php doc/demo/run.php