A sorting package for laravel

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Last update: 2024-05-23 18:26:27 UTC


A set of utilities for sorting models in Laravel.


Install using composer: composer require konsulting/laravel-sorting



  • Add the Konsulting\Laravel\Sorting\Sortable trait to your model.
  • Set up the configuration for the model by adding the $sortableSettings property providing the allowed sortable fields and a default sort order.
protected static $sortableSettings = [
    'sortable' => ['name', 'created_at', 'updated_at'],
    'defaultSort' => '+name',
  • In your view where you’d like to add a sortable link, include the following (example for a Post model):
{{ App\Post::sortableLink('name', 'Name') }}
  • When you want retrive a sorted collection of models, use the sort() method.
// The sort method will extract the sort variable from the request, unless you pass them through (e.g. if you store in the session).


  • Add the Konsulting\Laravel\Sorting\Prioritise trait to your model.

  • Ensure your model has a column for 'priority'. By default, this is called 'priority' but can be overriden if needed by overriding the determinePriorityColumnName() method in the model.

  • Use the prioritise scope to sort the retrieved results by priority.


If you find any security issues, or have any concerns, please email keoghan@klever.co.uk, rather than using the issue tracker.


Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited. We will accept contributions by Pull Request.


  • Use the PSR-2 Coding Standard
  • Add tests, if you’re not sure how, please ask.
  • Document changes in behaviour, including readme.md.


We use PHPUnit.

Run tests using PHPUnit: vendor/bin/phpunit