Simple package to add creator and editor to models, and populate them during creation or update.

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Editor Stamps

This package provides a simple trait for your Laravel models which saves the creating/updating user when a model is saved.

It also includes a replacement Schema Facade and BluePrint for use in your migrations to make the addition of created_by and updated_by columns.


Laravel 9


To use the trait

Simply use it in your model. use Konsulting\Laravel\EditorStamps\EditorStamps;

To use the Schema and Facade

Use the Schema and Blueprint in your migrations instead of Laravel Default.

use Klever\Laravel\EditorStamps\Schema;
use Klever\Laravel\EditorStamps\Blueprint;


Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited. We will accept contributions by Pull Request.


  • Use the PSR-2 Coding Standard
  • Document changes in behaviour, including readme.md.