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0.1.1 2018-03-22 06:20 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-14 11:21:10 UTC


StreamDefenseBot helps you to manage your accounts in hard fights of streamdefense.com

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bot screen

Installation / Usage

Install PHP 7.1.3 or above. PHP.net.

Download SdBot.phar file here.

Update the bot to the latest version:

php sdbot.phar self-update

Create config.yaml file near the sdbot.phar file. File signature example with descriptions /config/config.yml.dst

That is it! The bot is ready:

php sdbot.phar run


Bot knows about 4 message types:

  • message from bot owner (set owner in config.yml)
  • message from bot leader (set follow_to in config.yml)
  • message from anybody else (always will be ignored)
  • special messages from TTDbot


You can't become a bot owner except by config.yml. You have additional bot command which are always starts from special char $:

  • Follow command variations allowed if the bot not yet following somebody:
    • $follow all the bots for whom you own the owner will repeat your messages
    • @bot1 $follow the concrete bot1 will repeat your messages if you are the owner for it
    • @bot1 $follow @somebody the concrete bot1 will start following somebody if your are the owner of bot1
    • group$follow each bot in group will start following you if your are his owner (so if in chat 2 different bot have group OP, but different owners - behavior will be different, I hope I was clear here in explanation)
    • group$follow @somebody same as previous, but will follow somebody
  • Unfollow command has the same syntax
  • $init all your bots init their game by writing !class message from config.yml

Game commands:

  • You have all grants as a leader plus !leave for bot.
  • If your twitch nick has owner+leader grants when you !leave the bot will leave too.


As a leader of some bots you can:

  • $unfollow to stop following all bots from you
  • @bot $unfollow to stop following you for concrete bot
  • group$unfollow each bot in group stop following you if you are his leader

All followed you bots will repeat that commands:

  • !t !train
  • !p !pd !sp
  • !1 !2 !3 !4 !5 !6 !7 !8 !9 !10 !11 !12
  • !a !altar
  • !fill
  • ! - simple ping command

Also you are able to give an order:

  • @bot1 !a just bot1 will repeat !a if you are his leader
  • group!a each bot in group repeat !a if you are his leader

The allowed order list is all commands from repeat section plus:

  • !map1 !map2 !map3 !map4 !map5 !map6 !map7 !map8 !map9
  • !archer !bard !frostmage !firemage !rogue !alchemist
  • !hireshade !hireicelo !hireadara !hiremoor !hiremolan !hiregunnar !hirejubal !hirecortez
  • !mfollow !unfollow
  • !mfill !ma !mt !m1 !m2 !m3 !m4 !m5 !m6 !m7 !m8 !m9 !m10 !m11 !m12
  • !mp !mpd !msp


It may not stable in some cases, because was written like in hackathon style without spending lot times. So feel free to open bug issues or ask questions! Have a good game!