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HandlerSocket plugin for MySQL has been presented in 2010.

Plugin greatly speeds up the data stored in MySQL, and allowed to use this database as a NoSQL storage without the overhead associated with using SQL.

This library is an implementation of the protocol HandlerSocket completely written in PHP.

As a result, using HandlerSocket can provide much better performance for certain applications that using normal SQL application protocols.


In the yard in 2014, and is still the tool and manuals on the use HandlerSocket similar to the experimental or under development.

I had not liked a ready-made solution, so I decided to write my bike and ride it.

Why you should use HandlerSocket:

  • data consistency;
  • high performance;
  • сompact protocol;
  • сompatible with MySQL replication;
  • comes out of the box in PerconaServer, MariaDB.

The table below shows a comparison of the performance of different programs allow you to save or to load data.

approx qps User CPU util System CPU util
MySQL via SQL 105,000 60% 28%
Memcached 420,00 8% 88%
MySQL via HandlerSocket 750,000 45% 53%

How to install

How to install HandlerSocket can be found on the internet or just download PerconaServer or MariaDB.

Start using HandlerSocketLibrary is very simple.

Add to composer.json:

konstantin-kuklin/handlersocket-library": "dev-master"

How to connect

Open connection to the read only socket and to authorize the password 'passwordRead'.

$reader = new \HS\Reader('localhost', 9998, 'passwordRead');

Open connection to the write socket, no password is specified.

$writer = new \HS\Writer('localhost', 9999);



Comparison with the basic libraries for PHP.

The list will participate HSPHP, written in PHP, HandlerSocket, written in C.

HSPHP (PHP) HandlerSocket (c-extension) HandlerSocketLibrary (PHP)

How to help

I would be glad to see your suggestions, feedback and reports of bugs found.

If the program is interesting, it'll expand its functionality.


This library is available under the MIT license.