SPL inspired PHP enum class implementation

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PHP Enum Class

Enums are handy when a variable (especially a method parameter) can only take one out of a small set of possible values.

Konekt Enum is a lightweight abstract class that enables creation of PHP enums.

Why not PHP 8.1 Enums? This package was created back in 2013, and has been in use across many libraries. We're planning to find the way to make this package be based on native PHP enums AND keep compatibility with earlier versions as much as possible. This is expected in the v5.0 release of this package.


Extend the base class and define constants on it:

class ChessPiece extends \Konekt\Enum\Enum {
    const KING   = 'king';
    const QUEEN  = 'queen';
    const ROOK   = 'rook';
    const BISHOP = 'bishop';
    const KNIGHT = 'knight';
    const PAWN   = 'pawn';

var $queen = new ChessPiece('queen');


using composer: composer require konekt/enum


For detailed usage and examples go to the Konekt Enum Documentation or refer to the markdown files in the docs/ folder of this repo.

For the list of changes read the Changelog.


Laravel Eloquent Integration

There is a tiny trait for Laravel that helps you to automatically map fields of Eloquent models to/from Enum objects. For more details go to the konekt/enum-eloquent package.