Sitemap module for Laminas, based on zend-navigation with eventmanager

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  • requires PHP 7.1 or later; we recommend using the latest PHP version whenever possible.
  • you have to use laminas-navigation



Installation of this module uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to getcomposer.org.

php composer.phar require kokspflanze/zfc-sitemap
# (When asked for a version, type `dev-master`)

Go to config/application.config.php and add ZfcSitemap in the modules section.

How to use

Get the sitemap

you can see your current sitemap with /sitemap.xml

Create a sitemap as cache (optional)

This create a sitemap in data/zfc-sitemap as cache, this means, if you call /sitemap.xml it will not longer create a new sitemap, it will use the cached sitemap.

For this you need to install laminas/laminas-mvc-console and this directory data/zfc-sitemap with write rights.

Than you can execute php public/index.php generate-sitemap http://example.com to create your sitemap. PS: You have to rerun it to create a new sitemap.

Change your sitemap

If you have dynamic pages on your page and you want to add them in the sitemap. You can add them with the EventManager.

Create a listener

create a new class


namespace App\Core\Listener;

use Laminas\EventManager;
use Laminas\Navigation\AbstractContainer;
use ZfcSitemap\Service\Sitemap;

class SitemapCustom extends EventManager\AbstractListenerAggregate
     * @inheritDoc
    public function attach(EventManager\EventManagerInterface $events, $priority = 1)
        $this->listeners[] = $events->attach(Sitemap::EVENT_SITEMAP, [$this, 'onSiteMap'], $priority);

     * @param EventManager\EventInterface $event
    public function onSiteMap(EventManager\EventInterface $event)
        /** @var AbstractContainer $container */
        $container = $event->getParam('container');

            'label' => 'Example',
            'uri' => '/example',
        *  your custom stuff, add or remove pages

        $event->setParam('container', $container);


Than you have to add your listener in the service_manager config and in the following configuration.

    'zfc-sitemap' => [
        'strategies' => [