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Rapid Application Development : Prototype

Automatically inject methods into objects

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composer require knplabs/rad-prototype ~2.0
class AppKernel
    function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            new Knp\Rad\Prototype\Bundle\PrototypeBundle(),


        return $bundles;


1. Method side

You can create injectable methods via dependency injections. You can apply the tag knp_rad_prototype.prototype_method. For example, if I want to expose the method getRepository form the @doctrine service, I just have to declare a new method:

    class: Knp\Rad\Prototype\Prototype\Method
       - @doctrine
       - getRepository
       - { name: knp_rad_prototype.prototype_method, alias: getRepository, domain: doctrine }

The first argument should be a service or a classname (for static methods), the second argument should be a method name. In this case, the method will be @doctrine->getRepository().

The alias tag option represent the method name inside the prototype, so in this case, I can call the method with $this->getRepository(). Finaly, the domain tag option represent the domain of this method, a prototype can recieve method of some domains.

2. Prototype side

2.1. Attach methods to a controller

Access to methods from a controller

Your controller should implements the Knp\Rad\Prototype\Prototype. You can also use the basic implementation via the trait Knp\Rad\Prototype\Prototype\Controller

namespace AppBundle\Controller;

use Knp\Rad\Prototype\Prototype;

class ProductController implements Prototype
    use Prototype\Controller;

    public function testAction($id) 
        $product = $this->getRepository('AppBundle:Product')->find($id);


        // ...

3. Web Debug Toolbar

When your controller implements the Knp\Rad\Prototype\Prototype interface, the following icon will appear into the Symfony web debug toobar.


And you can also access to every accessable methods from your prototypes from the Symfony profiler interface