saml auth provider for laravel 5.*

dev-master 2016-04-06 20:25 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-13 13:57:20 UTC


Open Source SAML Auth Support for Laravel using simplesamlphp.


  • Laravel install, of course
  • Working SimpleSAMLphp instance acting like an Service Provider


First, we need this package available on Laravel, update your composer.json dependencies with:

"knight-swarm/laravel-saml": "dev-master"

and run composer update

After we have this package, we need to load it on Laravel, for this, add this


service provider on the 'providers' array (app/config/app.php)

and the

'Saml'      => 'KnightSwarm\LaravelSaml\Facades\Saml'

facade on the 'aliases' array.

Now, we need to configure it, run

 php artisan config:publish knight-swarm/laravel-saml

the above command will create a saml.php file inside app/config/packages/knight-swarm/laravel-saml, edit this file and be sure to insert:

Your SimpleSamlPHP SP install path

 'sp_path' => app_path()."/../../sp",

Your default SP id

 'sp_name' => '',

And afther logout, where users, should go,

 'logout_target' => ''

This Package will trigger /login and /logout

##@TODO We need to implement custom attributes bindings on model and database, for PoC it gets only uid and name attribuites and will fail it they does not exists