PHP package to parse and update audio files metadata, with `JamesHeinrich/getID3`.

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PHP package to parse and update audio files metadata, with JamesHeinrich/getID3.


You can check formats supported on Supported formats section.


Audio files can use different formats, this package aims to provide a simple way to read them with JamesHeinrich/getID3. The JamesHeinrich/getID3 package is excellent to read metadata from audio files, but output is just an array, current package aims to provide a simple way to read audio files with a beautiful API.


  • PHP >= 8.1
  • Optional for update
    • FLAC: flac (with apt, brew or scoop)
    • OGG: vorbis-tools (with apt or brew) / extras/icecast (with scoop)



You can install the package via composer:

composer require kiwilan/php-audio


Core metadata:

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$audio->getTitle(); // `?string` to get title
$audio->getArtist(); // `?string` to get artist
$audio->getAlbum(); // `?string` to get album
$audio->getGenre(); // `?string` to get genre
$audio->getYear(); // `?int` to get year
$audio->getTrackNumber(); // `?string` to get track number
$audio->getComment(); // `?string` to get comment
$audio->getAlbumArtist(); // `?string` to get album artist
$audio->getComposer(); // `?string` to get composer
$audio->getDiscNumber(); // `?string` to get disc number
$audio->isCompilation(); // `bool` to know if is compilation
$audio->getCreationDate(); // `?string` to get creation date (audiobook)
$audio->getCopyright(); // `?string` to get copyright (audiobook)
$audio->getEncoding(); // `?string` to get encoding
$audio->getDescription(); // `?string` to get description (audiobook)
$audio->getLyrics(); // `?string` (audiobook)
$audio->getStik(); // `?string` (audiobook)
$audio->getDuration(); // `?float` to get duration in seconds

Additional metadata:

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$audio->getPath(); // `string` to get path
$audio->hasCover(); // `bool` to know if has cover
$audio->isValid(); // `bool` to know if file is valid audio file
$audio->getFormat(); // `AudioFormatEnum` to get format (mp3, m4a, ...)
$audio->getType(); // `?AudioTypeEnum` ID3 type (id3, riff, asf, quicktime, matroska, ape, vorbiscomment)
$audio->getExtras(); // `array` with raw metadata (could contains some metadata not parsed)

Advanced properties:

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$audio->getReader(); // `?Id3Reader` reader based on `getID3`
$audio->getWriter(); // `?Id3Writer` writer based on `getid3_writetags`
$audio->getStat(); // `AudioStat` (from `stat` function)
$audio->getAudio(); // `?AudioMetadata` with audio metadata
$audio->getCover(); // `?AudioCover` with cover metadata


You can update audio files metadata with Audio::class, but not all formats are supported. See supported formats


You can use any property of Audio::class but if you use a property not supported by the format, it will be ignored.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$audio->getTitle(); // `Title`

$tag = $audio->update()
  ->title('New Title')
  ->artist('New Artist')
  ->album('New Album')
  ->genre('New Genre')
  ->albumArtist('New Album Artist')
  ->comment('New Comment')
  ->composer('New Composer')
  ->description('New Description')
  ->encodingBy('New Encoding By')
  ->encoding('New Encoding')
  ->lyrics('New Lyrics')
  ->stik('New Stik')
  ->cover('path/to/cover.jpg') // you can use file content `file_get_contents('path/to/cover.jpg')`

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$audio->getTitle(); // `New Title`
$audio->getCreationDate(); // `null` because `creationDate` is not supported by `MP3`

Some properties are not supported by all formats, for example MP3 can't handle some properties like lyrics or stik, if you try to update these properties, they will be ignored.

Set tags manually

You can set tags manually with tags method, but you need to know the format of the tag, you could use tagFormats to set formats of tags (if you don't know the format, it will be automatically detected).


If you use tags method, you have to use key used by metadata container. For example, if you want to set album artist in id3v2, you have to use band key. If you want to know which key to use check src/Models/AudioCore.php file.

If your key is not supported, save method will throw an exception, unless you use preventFailOnErrors.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$audio->getAlbumArtist(); // `Band`

$tag = $audio->update()
    'title' => 'New Title',
    'band' => 'New Band', // `band` is used by `id3v2` to set album artist, method is `albumArtist` but `albumArtist` key will throw an exception with `id3v2`
  ->tagFormats(['id3v1', 'id3v2.4']) // optional

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$audio->getAlbumArtist(); // `New Band`

Arrow functions

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$audio->getAlbumArtist(); // `Band`

$tag = $audio->update()
  ->title('New Title')
  ->albumArtist('New Band') // `albumArtist` will set `band` for `id3v2`, exception safe

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$audio->getAlbumArtist(); // `New Band`

Prevent fail on errors

You can use preventFailOnError to prevent exception if you use unsupported format.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$tag = $audio->update()
    'title' => 'New Title',
    'title2' => 'New title', // not supported by `id3v2`, will throw an exception
  ->preventFailOnError() // will prevent exception

Arrow functions are exception safe for properties but not for unsupported formats.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$tag = $audio->update()
  ->encoding('New encoding') // not supported by `id3v2`, BUT will not throw an exception
  ->preventFailOnError() // if you have some errors with unsupported format for example, you can prevent exception

Tags and cover

Of course you can add cover with tags method.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$cover = 'path/to/cover.jpg';

$image = getimagesize($cover);
$coverData = file_get_contents($cover);
$coverPicturetypeid = $image[2];
$coverDescription = 'cover';
$coverMime = $image['mime'];

$tag = $audio->update()
    'title' => 'New Title',
    'band' => 'New Band',
    'attached_picture' => [
        'data' => $coverData,
        'picturetypeid' => $coverPicturetypeid,
        'description' => $coverDescription,
        'mime' => $coverMime,

Merge tags

Merge tags with arrow functions.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get($path);

$tag = $audio->update()
    ->title('New Title') // will be merged with `tags` and override `title` key
        'title' => 'New Title tag',
        'band' => 'New Band',


$audio = Audio::get($path);
expect($audio->getTitle())->toBe('New Title');
expect($audio->getAlbumArtist())->toBe('New Band');


Audio files format metadata with different methods, JamesHeinrich/getID3 offer to check these metadatas by different methods. In extras property of Audio::class, you will find raw metadata from JamesHeinrich/getID3 package, like id3v2, id3v1, riff, asf, quicktime, matroska, ape, vorbiscomment...

If you want to extract specific field which can be skipped by Audio::class, you can use extras property.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$extras = $audio->getExtras();

$id3v2 = $extras['id3v2'] ?? [];


use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$audio->getAudio()->getFilesize(); // `?int` in bytes
$audio->getAudio()->getExtension(); // `?string` (mp3, m4a, ...)
$audio->getAudio()->getEncoding(); // `?string` (UTF-8...)
$audio->getAudio()->getMimeType(); // `?string` (audio/mpeg, audio/mp4, ...)
$audio->getAudio()->getDurationSeconds(); // `?float` in seconds
$audio->getAudio()->getDurationReadable(); // `?string` (00:00:00)
$audio->getAudio()->getBitrate(); // `?int` in kbps
$audio->getAudio()->getBitrateMode(); // `?string` (cbr, vbr, ...)
$audio->getAudio()->getSampleRate(); // `?int` in Hz
$audio->getAudio()->getChannels(); // `?int` (1, 2, ...)
$audio->getAudio()->getChannelMode(); // `?string` (mono, stereo, ...)
$audio->getAudio()->getLossless(); // `bool` to know if is lossless
$audio->getAudio()->getCompressionRatio(); // `?float`


use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$audio->getCover()->getContents(); // `?string` raw file
$audio->getCover()->getMimeType(); // `?string` (image/jpeg, image/png, ...)
$audio->getCover()->getWidth(); // `?int` in pixels
$audio->getCover()->getHeight(); // `?int` in pixels

Supported formats

Readable formats

  • id3v2 will be selected before id3v1 or riff if both are available.
Format Supported About ID3 type Notes
AAC Advanced Audio Coding
ALAC Apple Lossless Audio Codec quicktime
AIF Audio Interchange File Format (aif) id3v2,riff
AIFC Audio Interchange File Format (aifc) id3v2,riff
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format (aiff) id3v2,riff
DSF Direct Stream Digital Audio
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec vorbiscomment
MKA Matroska matroska Cover not supported
MKV Matroska matroska Cover not supported
APE Monkey's Audio
MP3 MPEG audio layer 3 id3v2,id3v1
MP4 Digital multimedia container format quicktime
M4A mpeg-4 audio quicktime
M4B Audiobook quicktime
M4V mpeg-4 video quicktime
MPC Musepack
OGG Open container format vorbiscomment
OPUS IETF Opus audio vorbiscomment
SPX Speex vorbiscomment Cover not supported
TAK Tom's Audio Kompressor
TTA True Audio ape Cover not supported
WMA Windows Media Audio asf Cover not supported
WV WavPack ape
WAV Waveform Audio id3v2,riff
WEBM WebM matroska Cover not supported

You want to add a format? See FAQ

Updatable formats

JamesHeinrich/getID3 can update some formats, but not all.

  • ID3v1 (v1 & v1.1)
  • ID3v2 (v2.3, v2.4)
  • APE (v2)
  • Ogg Vorbis comments (need vorbis-tools)
  • FLAC comments (need flac)
Format Notes Requires
FLAC Cover not supported flac
OGG Cover not supported vorbis-tools
  • flac: with apt, brew or scoop
  • vorbis-tools: with apt, brew or scoop
    • With scoop, vorbis-tools is not available, you can use extras/icecast instead.

Convert properties

Audio::class convert some properties to be more readable.

ID3 type Original New property
id3v2 band albumArtist
id3v2 track_number trackNumber
id3v2 part_of_a_set discNumber
id3v2 part_of_a_compilation isCompilation
quicktime track_number trackNumber
quicktime disc_number discNumber
quicktime compilation isCompilation
quicktime creation_date creationDate
quicktime album_artist albumArtist
quicktime encoded_by encodingBy
quicktime encoding_tool encoding
quicktime description_long description*
asf albumartist albumArtist
asf partofset discNumber
asf track_number trackNumber
asf encodingsettings encoding
vorbiscomment encoder encoding
vorbiscomment albumartist albumArtist
vorbiscomment discnumber discNumber
vorbiscomment compilation isCompilation
vorbiscomment tracknumber trackNumber
matroska album_artist albumArtist
matroska disc discNumber
matroska part_number trackNumber
matroska date year
matroska compilation isCompilation
matroska encoder encoding
ape album_artist albumArtist
ape disc discNumber
ape compilation isCompilation
ape track trackNumber
ape date year
ape encoder encoding

*: if description_long has more content than description, it replaces description.


composer test


  • ffmpeg: free and open-source software project consisting of a suite of libraries and programs for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams.
  • MP3TAG: powerful and easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files (free on Windows).
  • Audiobook Builder: makes it easy to turn audio CDs and files into audiobooks (only macOS and paid).
  • Tag Editor: A tag editor with Qt GUI and command-line interface supporting MP4/M4A/AAC (iTunes), ID3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and Matroska.
  • Tag Editor: a spreadsheet application for editing audio metadata in a simple, fast, and flexible way.


I have a specific metadata field in my audio files, what can I do?

In Audio::class, you have a property extras which contains all raw metadata, if JamesHeinrich/getID3 support this field, you will find it in this property.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');
$extras = $audio->getExtras();

$custom = null;
$id3v2 = $extras['id3v2'] ?? [];

if ($id3v2) {
  $custom = $id3v2['custom'] ?? null;

If your field could be added to global properties of Audio::class, you could create an an issue.

Metadata are null, what can I do?

You can check extras property to know if some metadata are available.

use Kiwilan\Audio\Audio;

$audio = Audio::get('path/to/audio.mp3');

$extras = $audio->getExtras();

If you find metadata which are not parsed by Audio::class, you can create an issue, otherwise JamesHeinrich/getID3 doesn't support this metadata.z

My favorite format is not supported, what can I do?

You can create an issue with the format name and a link to the format documentation. If JamesHeinrich/getID3 support this format, I will add it to this package but if you want to contribute, you can create a pull request with the format implementation.

Please give me an example file to test the format.

I have an issue with a supported format, what can I do?

You can create an issue with informations.

How to convert audio files?

This package doesn't provide a way to convert audio files, but you can use ffmpeg to convert audio files and PHP-FFMpeg/PHP-FFMpeg.


Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.