A Laravel Nova action for sending mail.

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Nova Mail

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This package contains a Nova action that provides a mail sending form for any resource to easily send email. It also includes automated mail sending based on Eloquent Model events/attribute changes.

screenshot of the send mail action modal

screenshot of the send mail action modal with template selected

screenshot of sent email in mailtrap

screenshot of mail template model events


This Nova package requires Nova 2.0 or higher.

Using the mail delay feature requires a queue driver other than sync. If you are using the Amazon SQS queue service, the maximum delay time is 15 minutes.


You can install this package in a Laravel app that uses Nova via composer:

composer require kirschbaum-development/nova-mail

Next, we need to run migrations. Auto-discovery of this package's service provider helps with that!

php artisan migrate

And lastly, any model that you want to send mail needs the Mailable trait added to it. The model should have a compliant email column. You also need to implement the abstract method provided by the Mailable trait, like shown below. You should customize this if your email column name is different:

use KirschbaumDevelopment\NovaMail\Traits\Mailable;

class User extends Model
    use Mailable;

     * Get the name of the email field for the model.
     * @return string
    public function getEmailField(): string
        return 'email';

    // ...

If you would like to publish the config for this package, run:

php artisan vendor:publish

And choose the provider for this package: KirschbaumDevelopment\NovaMail\NovaMailServiceProvider


There is a single action (SendMail) and two resources (NovaMailTemplate and NovaSentMail) that ship with this package. Internally the SendMail action uses a custom Nova field to display the inline mail sending form.

SendMail action

The SendMail action inserts a mail form directly into a Nova action modal. This action allows you to quickly send an email directly to one or more resources.

Simply add the KirschbaumDevelopment\NovaMail\Actions\SendMail action to your Nova resource:

namespace App\Nova;

use KirschbaumDevelopment\NovaMail\Actions\SendMail;

class User extends Resource
    // ...

    public function actions(Request $request)
        return [
            // ...

            new SendMail,

Now you can send emails from the action called "Send Mail" on your resource!

You can also delay any outgoing email by setting the delay in minutes property on the template. Like subject and body, you can override the mail delay specified in the template when you send mail.

Trigger Mail on Model Events

A MailTemplate can be configured to respond to Eloquent Model events, or a value change of a specified column. For example, a mail template informing your users of their account status could be sent when the active column on your User model is updated:

screenshot of the account status mail template

You can even have separate Model Events for both "on" an "off"!

screenshot of the account status with value mail template

Mail Template Usage/Caveats

The NovaMailTemplate resource allows you to create re-usable custom templates for sending email. It works by taking your specified template (or over-ridden template content) and building a temporary blade file (the Blade file can be saved permantely via a configuration option). This blade file is then used in the typical Laravel fashion to send the email.

The final content provided when the user clicks the "Send Mail" button is parsed as markdown and makes no assumptions about newlines or any other formatting for that matter. For example, if you were to use the built in mail message component provided by Laravel for markdown emails you could create a template like the following:

Hello {{ $name }},

Visit this link when you have a moment:


Let me know if you have any questions.


screenshot of the create mail template

Sent Mail Usage

The NovaSentMail resource can be added as a relationship field to any Resource that has the Mailable trait defined on it's corresponding model. This gives you direct access to the history of emails sent from that Resource:

namespace App\Nova;

use Laravel\Nova\Fields\HasMany;
use KirschbaumDevelopment\NovaMail\Nova\NovaSentMail;

class User extends Resource
    // ...

    public function fields(Request $request)
        return [
            // ...

            HasMany::make('Sent Mail', 'mails', NovaSentMail::class),

            // ...

screenshot of the sent mail index


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