Easily converting data from Typecho to Canvas blog platform.

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Easily convert your blog data from Typecho to Canvas blog platform.


  • The first "Switch to Canvas" program for Typecho
  • Convert data include tags, posts, relationships
  • Loading and parsing config automatically
  • CLI mode
  • Adorable developer


  • Operating permission of server
  • PHP version >= 5.6.4
  • Composer
  • PHP PDO extensions for your database type
  • PDO complicant database
  • Patient


Before converting, you must have Typecho and Canvas installed correctly on converting environment.

Install via Git and convert

  • Clone this repository.
$ git clone
$ cd typecho-to-canvas
  • Install dependencies. You must have composer worked normally.
$ composer install
  • Run te2cn, which lies on the root directory of this repository.
$ php te2cn
  • Follow the instruction and fill in the config.
  • Enjoy Canvas!

Install via Composer and convert

  • Run composer global require.
$ composer global require kirainmoe/typecho-to-canvas:dev-master
  • Run te2cn, follow the instruction and fill in the config.
$ te2cn
  • Enjoy Canvas!

PS: You can copy Typecho's config file to the root directory of this project, te2cn will detece and parse the config automatically.


Q: How can I know what caused my failure of converting data?

A: After checking your local environment (eg.permission, database), you can open an issue to tell us the trouble you are facing. We will help you with it.

Q: I don't use Typecho but I use Wordpress, how can I export my data?

A: You may consider this or using typecho2wordpress first before exporting data to Canvas.


te2cn worked perfectly on Typecho 1.0(14.10.10) and Canvas(3.1.0).


  • Reverse converting (Canvas to Typecho)


Feel free to contribute (Pull requests & issues are welcomed).


GNU General Public License v2.0.