PHP wrapper library for the fantastic Font Awesome icon set.

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A composer ready package designed to integrate the fantastic Font Awesome icon set into your PHP projects through an easy to use interface.

Created with Laravel in mind, a ServiceProvider and Facade have been included as well. Don't worry though, the library will work in any PHP application, via composer or manually.

If you would like to use FontAwesome 4 then use the 1.1 branch


First, add the package to your main composer.json file:

"khill/fontawesomephp" : "2.0.*"

Next, run composer from the command line to download and install:

$ composer update

If you are using Laravel, add the ServiceProvider to the service providers array


Last, add the link in your view's page header to the FontAwesome CSS or JS file, provided by the FontAwesome CDN:

FontAwesome::css() // Or FA::css() if you want to use the alias
FontAwesome::js() // Or FA::js() if you want to use the alias

If you have a FontAwesome Pro license, add true to the CDN methods to request the Pro assets (make sure you've whitelisted your domains first):

FontAwesome::js(true) // Or FA::js(true) if you want to use the alias

Examples and Api

Please visit FontAwesomePHP for a complete list of features, examples and the api.