DataTablePlus is an add-on package for Lavacharts which extends the functionality of DataTables.

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DataTablePlus is an extension for working with datatables in Lavacharts

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Package Features

  • Converting CSV files to DataTables
  • Converting DataTables to CSV
  • Parsing Eloquent Collections to DataTables

This is still a very alpha package, but it works.


In your project's main composer.json file, add these lines to the requirements:

"khill/lavacharts": "dev-3.0"
"khill/datatableplus": "dev-master"

Note: This package extends DataTables in Lavacharts. Without Lavacharts, this package does nothing useful.

Run Composer to install Lavacharts:

composer update

Use the Lava#DataTable() method as usual, but you will get the extended version with extra features automatically.