Utilities classes

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Last update: 2024-06-05 00:35:11 UTC


This utilities library offers convenient functions to solve common problems, like parse an URL, generate a random string or validate an IP address.

Getting started

With Composer

To use this library in a project, you can require the following package:

$ composer require keruald/omnitools

As a bundle

The library follows PSR-4 conventions: the src folder matches the Keruald\OmniTools namespace.

If you don't have a PSR-4 loader available:


use Keruald\OmniTools\Registration\Autoloader; 

require 'path/to/keruald/omnitools/src/Registration/Autoloader.php';

Contribute or report issues

The Nasqueron DevCentral Phabricator instance is used to coordinate development. You can fill issues against the #Keruald project.


The library is sorted in namespaces and contains mostly static methods.

The library adheres to semantic versioning. The 0.* version will be used to integrate code from the sourcing projects, like Keruald/Pluton, Keruald/Xen, Azhàr or Zed.


This library is maintained by Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson.

The Contributors file contains the list of the people who contributed to the source code.


This code is available under BSD-2-Clause license.