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Liquicity discord bot

dev-master 2018-04-19 12:52 UTC

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Install with composer


Create a configuration file called config.json. Example configuration:

  "guilds": {
    "liquicity": {
      "guild_id": "152543466491084811",
      "channels": {
        "music": {
          "channel_id": "434739172503191562"
        "bot_commands": {
          "channel_id": "434739067905769473"
  "modules": []

Specific modules can be loaded by adding them to the modules array in the configuration. As an example, loading the LinkOnlyChannel module for channel #music in the liquicity server, add the following:

  "name": "LinkOnlyChannel",
  "config": {
    "channels": [

Channel names are in the format GUILD/CHANNEL and are converted to their appropriate ID by using the specified guilds array. Optionally, the bot can send a message to a seperate channel (specified by log_channel) for every message that it deletes.