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This library provides utilities for metadata loading, management and retrieval for PHP classes, methods and properties.


Install with composer

$ composer require kcs/metadata


A metadata factory responsible for retrieving metadatas for a given class.
To create a metadata factory you can implement MetadataFactoryInterface on your own class or extend the AbstractMetadataFactory.

use Kcs\Metadata\ClassMetadataInterface;
use Kcs\Metadata\Factory\MetadataFactoryInterface;

class Factory implements MetadataFactoryInterface
    public function getMetadataFor($class): ClassMetadataInterface
use Kcs\Metadata\ClassMetadataInterface;
use Kcs\Metadata\Factory\AbstractMetadataFactory;

class Factory extends AbstractMetadataFactory
    protected function createMetadata(\ReflectionClass $class): ClassMetadataInterface
        return new MyClassMetadata($class);

This allows you to specify which implementation of ClassMetadataInterface will be used for your metadata simply extending the createMetadata method.

If you extend the AbstractMetadataFactory class (or use MetadataFactory class which creates a ClassMetadata instance for class metadatas), you have to create your metadata loader class implementing LoaderInterface.

use Kcs\Metadata\Loader\LoaderInterface;

class Loader implements LoaderInterface
    public function loadClassMetadata(ClassMetadataInterface $classMetadata)

If more than one source is available for your metadata (Annotations, YAMLs, XMLs, etc.) you can use the ChainLoader class, adding your loaders to it.


When a metadata is loaded the factory validate method is called with the newly loaded metadata as argument and the Kcs\Metadata\Event\ClassMetadataLoadedEvent event is dispatched (if an event dispatcher is present).
You can extend validate or listen for the metadata loaded event and check for metadata validity. If a validation error occurs you have to throw an InvalidMetadataException.

Metadata classes

You can extend the provided classes ClassMetadata, MethodMetadata and PropertyMetadata to build your metadata information.
By default, all the public properties are serialized in cache (if cache is present). You can customize this behaviour by extending the __sleep method of the metadata classes, returning an array of serialized properties.


This library is released under the MIT license


Contributions are always welcome. Feel free to open an issue or submit a PR to improve this library.