Utility classes to help discover other classes/namespaces

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Utility classes to help discover other classes/namespaces

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$ composer require kcs/class-finder


Finder helps you to discover classes into your project.

The most common way to discover is to use the provided ComposerFinder. This will search for classes using the auto-generated class loader from composer and resolving PSR-* namespaces accordingly.

Read more in the docs at https://alekitto.github.io/class-finder/

Basic usage

use Kcs\ClassFinder\Finder\ComposerFinder;

$finder = new ComposerFinder();
foreach ($finder as $className => $reflector) {
    // Do magic things...


You can filter classes using the methods exposed by FinderInterface:

  • implementationOf(array $interfaces): Finds the classes that implements all the given interfaces. You can pass a single interface as string.
  • subclassOf(string $superClass): Finds all the classes that are subclasses of the given class.
  • annontatedBy(string $annotationClass): Finds all the classes that have the given annotation in the class docblock.
  • withAttribute(string $attributeClass): Finds all the classes that have the given attribute applied on the class (PHP >= 8.0) only.
  • in(array $dirs): Searches only in given directories.
  • inNamespace(array $namespaces): Searches only in given namespaces.
  • filter(callable $callback): Custom filtering callback.
  • pathFilter(callable $callback): Custom filtering callback for loading files.


This library is released under the MIT license.


Contributions are always welcome. Please feel free to open a PR or file an issue.

Thank you for reading