Content type aware JSON response handler for Silex

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JSONP provider for Silex

Content type aware JSON response handler for Silex

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Add "kbrabrand/silex-jsonp": "XXX" to the composer.json file inside your project and do a composer install. Check Composer for the latest available version.

Setup instructions

Register the JSONP service provider in your Silex app like this;

use KBrabrand\Silex\Provider\JSONPServiceProvider;

$app->register(new JSONPServiceProvider(), array(
    'JSONP.callback'     => 'cb',                 // GET parameter containing the callback method name (optional)
    'JSONP.contentTypes' => ['application/json'], // List of response content types to use with JSONP (optional)


After registering the JSONP service provider an after hook will be added and the response content will be modified before it's returned to the user if the URL contains a callback and the content type of the response is in the list of allowed content types.


The service provider comes with PHPUnit tests and can be run by doing a ./vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit inside the silex-jsonp folder.


License Copyright (c) 2015, Kristoffer Brabrand kristoffer@brabrand.no

Licensed under the MIT License