An easy-to-use package that integrates CleverReach(R) into your Neos website

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3.1.3 2022-05-25 16:49 UTC


An easy-to-use package, that integrates the email marketing solution CleverReach® into your Neos site to directly add new subscribers to your newsletter lists via registration form.


The easiest way to install is running this command:

composer require kaufmanndigital/cleverreach

After successful installation, configure your CleverReach® credentials with oAuth-credentials:

You can create such credentials at https://www.cleverreach.com/login (Menu "My Account" -> "REST API"). You need credentials for REST API V3.

      clientId: '<client-id>'
      clientSecret: '<client-secret>'

Optional: If you want to use Ajax submitting your forms, please load the shipped JavaScript (jQuery needed) using <script src="{f:uri.resource(path: 'JavaScript/Main.js', package: 'KaufmannDigital.CleverReach')}"></script> inside your template or create your own Ajax-action.

Congratulations, you are ready to use KaufmannDigital.CleverReach in your Neos installation.

Setting up the Registration Form

In order to add a Registration Form to your Website, you have to create a group (and a form, if your want to use DOI)
Currently these steps can not be done by this package (see Planned Features). So please go to your CleverReach Login and follow the instructions there.

When you finished, login into your Neos and navigate to the page, you want to place the registration form on.
Now select the "CleverReach Registration Form" NodeType from the list and insert it where you want.

Afterwards you can select the group, users would be added to and form which should be used for Double-Opt-In (if activated):
Screenshot inspector

You are mostly finished. Just give it a try: Register your E-Mail using the Neos frontend and check at CleverReach's customer area.

Additional Fields

CleverReach® supports additional fields to store more information about the subscriber. Take a look here
These fields are also supported by this package. To submit data to this fields, you have to do a bit of customizing:

  1. Create the additional fields at CleverReach®. Described here

  2. Override the template of NodeType Explained in Documentation like this

     requestFilter: 'isPackage("KaufmannDigital.CleverReach")'
         'KaufmannDigital.CleverReach': 'resource://Your.Package/Private/Templates/'
  3. Add your custom fields as input field to your customized template:

    <f:form.input name="receiverData[attributes][custom-field]" />

    or as hidden field:

    <f:form.hidden name="receiverData[attributes][custom-field]" value="My Value"/>

    For global additional fields just replace attributes with global_attributes


CleverReach® also allows you to supply order information with the new subscriber.
To do that you have to override the template as explained above in step 2 of Additional Fields Then you can add something like that to the form:

<f:form.hidden name="receiverData[orders][0][order_id]" value="1234" />
<f:form.hidden name="receiverData[orders][0][product_id]" value="5678" />
<f:form.hidden name="receiverData[orders][0][product]" value="Produktname" />
<f:form.hidden name="receiverData[orders][0][quantity]" value="1337" />
<f:form.hidden name="receiverData[orders][0][price]" value="19.95" />
<f:form.hidden name="receiverData[orders][0][currency]" value="EUR" />

Configuring Views through Views.yaml

If you want to override the package templates in your site package, you can create a Views.yaml in your configuration folder.

  requestFilter: 'isPackage("KaufmannDigital.CleverReach") && isController("Subscription") && isAction("index")'
    templatePathAndFilename: 'resource://My.Package/Private/Templates/.../Index.html'
  requestFilter: 'isPackage("KaufmannDigital.CleverReach") && isController("Subscription") && isAction("subscribe")'
    templatePathAndFilename: 'resource://My.Package/Private/Templates/.../Subscribe.html'


  • I get an error CleverReach authentication failed. Credentials correct?
    • Make sure the credentials you have configured in Settings.yaml are correct. To be sure, copy the credentials and try to log into CleverReach's website with it.

Known Bugs

Known Bugs are submitted as issue. Please have a look at it, before you supply a bug you found.
You did a bugfix? Great! Please submit it as PR to share it with other users.

Planned Features

Planned functions are also created as issues and marked as such.
You have another idea? Or would you like to help with the implementation? Gladly! Simply create new issues or PRs.


This package is maintained by Kaufmann Digital.
Feel free to send us your questions or requests to support@kaufmann.digital


Licensed under GPLv3+, see LICENSE