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This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

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Legacy Helpers

This package contains some convenient helper functions inspired by laravel helpers that can be used in a legacy application without IoC.

Tasks like sending a redirect or working with the session can be a real mess in plain php. Therefore this package provides helper functions to help with these problems.


You can install the package via composer

composer require karriere/legacy


Place the initialize call after session_start and before helper usage:


Available Helpers

die dump

Dumps an arbitrary variable/value and stops execution of the script.

dd('any value');


Helper method for php session operations.

get session instance


Returns an instance of Karriere\Legacy\Session.

get session value

Retrieve a value from the session, the call allows a second parameter that is returned as default value if no session data is found for the eky

session('key', 'no data');

store data in session

Store the given key-value pair in the session.

session(['key' => 'value']);

add flash message

Store a key-value pair only for the subsequent request.

session()->flash($key, $value);


Helper method for sending redirects.

send redirect

The method allows a second parameter for status code, the default value is 302 (Found - Moved Temporarily).

redirect('http://www.karriere.at', 301)->send();

redirect with flash message

The redirector allows to store flash messages before sending the actual redirect.

redirect('http://www.karriere.at')->with('status', 'something happened')->send();


Apache License 2.0 Please see LICENSE for more information.