A wrapper for SimpleSMS Laravel package that provides additional Greek sms drivers.

v1.0.4 2017-08-13 18:41 UTC

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SimpleSMSGreek is a wrapper for SimpleSMS package that provides additional Greek SMS drivers. simplesoftwareio/simple-sms. This is a package for Laravel and provides the capability to use Greek gateways to send SMS. These are the extra providers: Smsn, Ez4usms, Sms.net.gr


Laravel 5

  • PHP: >= 7.0.0
  • simplesoftwareio/simple-sms >= 3.1.0



You can run the composer command composer require karamanisweb/simplesmsgreek or you can add the package to your require in your composer/json file:

"require": {
    "karamanisweb/simplesmsgreek": "1.0.*"

And then run the command composer update.

This procedure will install the package into your application.

Service Providers

Once you have installed the package to your laravel application.

Add KaramanisWeb\SimpleSMSGreek\SmsServiceProvider::class into your config/app.php config file inside the providers array.


Now all you have to do is register the Facade.

Add 'SMS' => SimpleSoftwareIO\SMS\Facades\SMS::class in your config/app.php config file inside the aliases array.

Publish Configuration

If you need to change to make changes into the configuration file you must run the following command to save your config file to your local app:

 php artisan vendor:publish --provider="KaramanisWeb\SimpleSMSGreek\SmsServiceProvider"

This will copy the configuration files to your config folder.

or you can manual copy the config file from vendors/karamanisweb/simplesmsgreek/Config directory to your local app.


This package adds 3 greek SMS drivers

  • Smsn
  • Ez4usms
  • Sms.net.gr


'driver' => env('SMS_DRIVER', 'smsn'),
'smsn' => [
   'username' => env('SMSN_USERNAME', 'Your Smsn Username'),
   'password' => env('SMSN_PASSWORD', 'Your Smsn Password'),
   'unicode' => env('SMSN_UNICODE', false),


'driver' => env('SMS_DRIVER', 'ez4us'),
'ez4us' => [
    'username' => env('EZ4US_USERNAME', 'Your Ez4us Username'),
    'password' => env('EZ4US_PASSWORD', 'Your Ez4us Password'),
    'unicode' => env('EZ4US_UNICODE', false),


'driver' => env('SMS_DRIVER', 'smsnetgr'),
'smsnetgr' => [
    'username' => env('SMSNETGR_USERNAME', 'Your Smsnetgr Username'),
    'api_password' => env('SMSNETGR_API_PASS', 'Your Smsnetgr API Password'),
    'api_token' => env('SMSNETGR_API_TOKEN', 'Your Smsnetgr API Token'),
    'unicode' => env('SMSNETGR_UNICODE', false),

The documentation for SimpleSMS can be found here.