An unofficial package to support the Hive Home API

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An unofficial package to support the Hive Home API


This package can be installed via Composer:

$ composer require kan-agency/hive-php-api

It requires PHP >= 7.0.0.

Simple Usage

There's a helper class, named Kan\Hive\Hive, which should be instantiated with the same credentials used to login to https://my.hivehome.com/login. This can be done like the below:

use Kan\Hive\Hive;

$hive = new Hive(

Once that's complete, we need to create a reference to a device using it's ID (Note: You can locate the ID of devices by viewing the URL of the https://my.hivehome.com/dashboard after selecting the required device).

use Kan\Hive\Reference\Device;

$plug = Device::make('123456ab-7898-7654-c321-d234567e89f1');

The device we're using here is a Plug, so, the below code will work for the above $plug device:

use Kan\Hive\Device\Plug;

Plug::fromHive($hive, $plug)->off(); // Will switch the plug off.
Plug::fromHive($hive, $plug)->on();  // Will switch the plug on.

That's it, simple. For more advance useage, see the below section.

Advance Usage

We should still instantiate an instance of the helper class Kan\Hive\Hive, however, you can utilise a Service Provider to inject this as a dependency into a class. We won't go into depth on how to do that, so for this example, we'll use the same method as above:

use Kan\Hive\Hive;

$hive = new Hive(

We can now create a new class within our project, let's name it Lamp and ensure it extends the correct device class. For this example, that is Kan\Hive\Device\Plug, as we have a lamp plugged into a plug. We need to implement the method getDevice() to return an instance of the correct device using it's ID, as explained above:


namespace App;

use Kan\Hive\Device\Plug;
use Kan\Hive\Reference\Device

class Lamp extends Plug

     * {inheritdoc}
    public function getDevice() : Device
        return Device::make('123456ab-7898-7654-c321-d234567e89f1');


Now we have our specific device class, we're able to perform actions on those easily like the below:

$hive->device('App\Lamp')->off(); // Will switch the lamp off.
$hive->device('App\Lamp')->on();  // Will switch the lamp on.


The below outlines the supported devices and actions, along with the methods you're able to use for each:

Active Plug: Kan\Hive\Device\Plug

  • ->on(): This will switch the plug on.
  • ->off(): This will switch the plug off.

Camera: Kan\Hive\Device\Camera

  • ->on(): This will arm the camera, enabling features like detection and notifications.
  • ->off(): This will disarm the camera.

Action: Kan\Hive\Device\Action

  • ->trigger(): This will trigger the pre-defined action to be run.


Unit tests can be run inside the package:

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


kan-agency/hive-php-api is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.