Calculate the set of unique abbreviations for a given set of strings.

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Calculate unique shorthands for a given set of strings

Inspired by ruby's abbrev module, it let's you calculate the unique set of shorthands for the given set of words.


Use the following command to install via composer

composer require kamranahmedse/php-shorthand

For further details you can find the package at Packagist.


Instantiate the Shorthand class while passing the words for which you want the shorthands

// Introduce the class into your scope
use KamranAhmed\Shorthand\Shorthand;

$shorthand = new Shorthand([

$shorthands = $shorthand->generate();

It will return an associative array with the key set to the shorthand keyword and value set to the actual word that it refers to

// Shorthands for the above example
    'cre'    => 'create',
    'crea'   => 'create',
    'creat'  => 'create',
    'create' => 'create',
    'cro'    => 'crore',
    'cror'   => 'crore',
    'crore'  => 'crore',

Usage Scenarios

It can come quite handy when writing command line script that takes a number of options and the user may enter the options shorthand or maybe other cases where you want to be able to accept shorthands.

For example, in a script that accepts the options ['delete', 'create', 'update'], in your script, it can let you infer from the option that user wanted even when they typed a shorthand as long as it is unambiguous

$ shorthand cr   # create
$ shorthand d    # delete
$ shorthand upd  # update


Feel free to fork, enhance, open issues, create pull requests or spread the word.


MIT © Kamran Ahmed