Different UI for laravel/breeze

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Different UI for larave/breeze.

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We recommend installing this package on a project that you are starting from scratch.


  1. Fresh install Laravel >= 8.0 and cd to your app.
  2. Install laravel/breeze
composer require laravel/breeze --dev

# after finish run this command

php artisan breeze:install
  1. Install kamona/kui-laravel-breeze
composer require kamona/kui-laravel-breeze --dev

# after finish run this command

php artisan kui-breeze:replace blade
# available stacks (blade,vue). react will be added soon.
# So if you run `php artisan breeze:install vue` you can run `php artisan kui-breeze:replace vue`

# then
npm install && npm run dev # or yarn && yarn dev
  1. Configure your database.
  2. Run php artisan migrate.
  3. php artisan serve


You will found sidebar links in:

  • blade: resources/views/components/sidebar/content.blade.php.
  • vue: resources/js/Components/Sidebar/SidebarContent.vue


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