Abacus Advance Bundle by Kaliop

1.3.0 2019-01-07 14:22 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-24 04:16:24 UTC


API to connect easily to Abacus AD gateway API, version v0.9.14

This API Gateway allows to:

  • call easily the Abacus ADvance API
  • receive http callbacks made from ADvance in some configurations

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  • guzzlehttp/guzzle: ~6.0
  • symfony - various components: Config, OptionsResolver, HttpFoundation, Serializer, HttpKernel, DependencyInjection


  • Install the bundle using composer
  • Activate the Abacus\AdvanceBundle\AbacusAdvanceBundle in your Sf app kernel
  • Set up the required parameters (see parameters.yml in this bundle)

Using the bundle

Making API calls to ADvance

To make calls to Advance you have to retrieve the abacus.advance.api as a service, and from it retrieve the specific service that you need: Gatekeeper Access Allowed, Log web activity, Get products list, etc...

Each service can return one or many responses pre-formatted.

Receiving callbacks

To be documented...

Using the local API Stub to emulate ADvance

To be documented...


Gatekeeper Access Allowed

    // Get Abacus ADvance api as a service
    $advanceApiGateway = $this->get('abacus.advance.api');
    // Get GateKeeper service
    $gateKeeperService = $advanceApiGateway->getGateKeeper();
    // Call API and get response (NB: can throw an exception)
    $accessAllowResponse = $gateKeeperService
                'Url'      => 'myUrl',
                'CookieID' => 'myAnonymousUserId',
    // Use response methods
    $access = $accessAllowResponse->hasAccessGranted(); // true|false
    $accessStatus = $accessAllowResponse->getAccessStatus(); // GateKeeper::ACCESS_GRANTED|GateKeeper::ACCESS_DENIED
    // Or get response as Abacus returned to us
    $rawResponse = $accessAllowResponse->getRawResponse();

    // See also getData, getVersion, getStatusCode, getStatusMessages functions