Some simple scripts for caching data from the Ticket Evolution API.

1.1.5 2015-10-13 18:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-05 03:27:47 UTC



As of November 10, 2015 this project is deprecated and you should use TEvo Harvester instead.

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  1. Download and extract to the folder where you want it.

  2. Copy /application/config.sample.php to /application/config.php and edit to fill in your own credentials for each environment.

  3. If you do not yet have Composer installed, you can follow these directions for installing Composer.

  4. Once you have Composer installed simply cd to your directory for this project and execute composer install

  5. Run the SQL in /scripts starting with create_tables.mysql and then running any additional scripts in chronological order by the date in the filename.