Easy CSV manipulation for PHP 5.4+

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EasyCSV is a simple Object Oriented CSV manipulation library for PHP 7.2+

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Install via composer:

composer require jwage/easy-csv


To read CSV files we need to instantiate the EasyCSV reader class:

$reader = new \EasyCSV\Reader('read.csv');

You can iterate over the rows one at a time:

while ($row = $reader->getRow()) {

Or you can get everything all at once:


If you have a file with the header in a different line:

// our headers aren't on the first line
$reader = new \EasyCSV\Reader('read.csv', 'r+', false);
// zero-based index, so this is line 4

Advance to a different line:


More in the Reader unit test.


To write CSV files we need to instantiate the EasyCSV writer class:

$writer = new \EasyCSV\Writer('write.csv');

You can write a row by passing a commas separated string:

$writer->writeRow('column1, column2, column3');

Or you can pass an array:

$writer->writeRow(array('column1', 'column2', 'column3'));

You can also write several rows at once:

    'value1, value2, value3',
    array('value1', 'value2', 'value3')