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Envoyer Deploy Command

Hi there!

Are you looking for a simple way to deploy your Envoyer.io project from the command line? So was I, until I found the Envoyer Deploy Command from JustPark!

With this Artisan command, deploying to Envoyer.io is as simple as 1...2... well... more like this:

➜ php artisan envoyer:deploy
Deployment request successful!

You can even deploy different projects (although, there's a default option)!

➜ php artisan envoyer:deploy --project awesomecake
Deployment request successful!

Shortcuts are awesome!

➜ php artisan envoyer:deploy -p awesomecake
Deployment request successful!


First you'll need to install the Composer package from Packagist.

Simply add the following to the "require-dev" section of your composer.json file, and composer update.

"justpark/envoyer-deploy": "~1.0"

Next, you'll need to add the ServiceProvider for this command to the providers array within your config/app.php file.

'providers' => [

     * Loads of other providers here...



Finally, you'll want to copy this config file into your config directory. The default config key contains handle of the project you want to deploy by default, and should match up to a project in the projects config key. The name of the project doesn't matter, since it's only used within the command. You'll want to pair it with the webook deployment key that you'll find under the 'Deployment Hooks' tab of your Envoyer.io project.

php artisan vendor:publish

It's the bit after the deploy/ here:


Well, now you're good to go! Check the section at the top of this page for usage examples.

Happy deploying!



Who are you?

JustPark is a London based startup solving the problem of parking for people all over the world! We've got affordable parking spaces in major cities, and we even allow property owners to earn some extra cash by renting out their extra space for parking.

We're huge fans of Laravel within the company, and we've even got Laravel evangelist, contributor and best-selling author Dayle Rees on the team.

If you're interested in working with us, why not check out our jobs page.



Envoyer Deploy Command is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).