A basic wrapper for the Discord HTTP API

v0.6 2018-11-06 17:45 UTC


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This library serves as a clean and simple interface between your bot and Discords HTTP REST API.

Because this library is under active development things might break, don't be afraid to open issues though. I will get to them as time permits.

Installation Instructions

This package can be installed via composer.

composer require judahnator/discord-http-wrapper

This library relies on the vlucas/phpdotenv library to hold its configuration values. The most important of which being the token for your bot. If your project also utilizes this library simply include BOT_TOKEN=your-bots-token in your .env file. Otherwise set that value in the /vendor/judahnator/discord-http-wrapper/.env file. This file does not exist by default, but a .env.example template is located in that same directory.

If you do not have a token yet, you can get one from the Discord-developers site. Your token must also be authorized to make RESTful API requests.

Basic Usage

judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Bot::class - A singleton class that provides general info about the bot. For example:

$Bot = judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Bot::Instance();
$Bot->id; // 123456
$Bot->username; // TestBot
$Bot->guilds; // An array of guilds the bot has access to

judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Guild::class - A class to interface with guilds.

$Guild = judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Guild::find(1234567890);
$Guild->id; // 1234567890
$Guild->name; // TestGuild
$Guild->channels; // An array of channels belonging to this guild

judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Channel::class - A class to interface with channels.

$Channel = judahantor\DiscordHttpWrapper\Channel::find(1234567890);
$Channel->id; // 1234567890
$Channel->name; // TestChannel
$Channel->guild; // The guild the channel belongs to
$Channel->messages; // The 50 most recent messages in this channel
$Channel->sendMessage("Foo bar baz"); // Sends message, returns the message object

judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Message::class - Class to interface with messages

$Message = judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Message::find($ChannelID,$MessageID);
$Message->id; // Message ID
$Message->content; // The content of the message
$Message->author; // The author object
$Message->reply("Foo bar baz"); // Replies to the author of the current message

judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Message::send($ChannelID,"Foo bar baz"); // Sends a message to a channel

judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Author::class - Class to interface with authors

$Author = judahnator\DiscordHttpWrapper\Author::find(1234567890);
$Author->id; // 1234567890
$Author->username; // TestAuthor

General Notes

As the name implies, this library interfaces with Discords HTTP API. This means that even on a low-latency connection, this library will be much slower than other libraries that interface with Discord via websockets.

In the same line of thought, this library also respects the rate-limit headers supplied by Discord. At the time of writing the limit was about 1.5 requests per second. This means in more popular servers, iterating through messages will be slow. If you need speed, I recommend using TeamReflexs' DiscordPHP library.


I welcome issues, forks, pull requests, whole nine yards. Just please for the love of all that is good in the world write clean code and leave lots of comments.