A Laravel Nova card, which has a link

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Add Cards to Laravel Nova which link to another page

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Alternative for older versions of Laravel:


Just run:
composer require jubeki/nova-card-linkable
After this the setup will be complete and you can use the components listed here.


What is the difference between the card types?

  • Linkable: Links to a page in your application
  • Linkable Away: Links to a page which is outside of your application
  • Linkable Router: Uses the Vue-Router to link to a page

The Design is the same for all of them and most of the options are also the same, so they will be listed here.

Default Design

Shows the Card types


// in app/Providers/NovaServiceProvider.php
namespace App\Providers;


use Jubeki\Nova\Cards\Linkable\Linkable;
use Jubeki\Nova\Cards\Linkable\LinkableAway;
use Jubeki\Nova\Cards\Linkable\LinkableRouter;

class NovaServiceProvider extends NovaApplicationServiceProvider


    protected function cards()
       return [
           (new Linkable)
           ->title('Card 1')
           ->subtitle('This is a smaller Subtitle'),

           (new LinkableAway)
           ->title('2nd Card')
           ->subtitle('Put everything you want here'),

           (new LinkableRouter)
           ->title('Another Card')
           ->url('{"name": "index", "params": {"resourceName": "users"}}')
           ->subtitle('You could also leave it empty'),


All options are chainable.

This sets the link to be used in the application

This sets the title of the card

This sets the subtitle of the card

$linkable->theme($background, $text);
This sets the colors of the card, default values:
$background = 'bg-white'
$text = 'text-80'

$linkable->themeHover($background, $text);
This sets the colors of the card while it is beeing hovered, default values:
$background = 'bg-50'
$text = 'text-80'


Import for this component:

use Jubeki\Nova\Cards\Linkable\Linkable;

How to create an instance:

$linkable = new Linkable;

Additional options:


Linkable Away

Import for this component:

use Jubeki\Nova\Cards\Linkable\LinkableAway;

How to create an instance:

$linkable = new LinkableAway;

Additional options:

Equals to <a target="$target">

Linkable Router

Import for this component:

use Jubeki\Nova\Cards\Linkable\LinkableRouter;

How to create an instance:

$linkable = new LinkableRouter;


is a little bit different than the other ones:
Here you can make full use of the Vue-Router, which is used by Laravel Nova.

Important side note:
The URL must be valid JSON!
e.g. $url = '{"name":"index", "params":{"resourceName":"users"}}'

Alternative to JSON: Use an array e.g.

$url = [
    'name' => 'index',
    'params' => [
        'resourceName' => 'users',