A small library for validating International BankAccount Numbers (IBANs).

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A small library for validating International Bankaccount Numbers (IBANs) based on the IBAN Registry provided by SWIFT. See https://www.swift.com/standards/data-standards/iban for more information.

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Development status

This library is ready to use. The Iban validation should be fine, but there is no warranty. Please use it at your own risk.


  • full country support of IBAN validation based on SWIFT Registry
  • customizable violation messages
  • simple to use object-oriented api
  • high test coverage
  • DIC friendly


To install jschaedl/iban-validation via composer use

$ composer require jschaedl/iban-validation

You can see this library on Packagist.

Iban Validation


use Iban\Validation\Validator;
use Iban\Validation\Iban;

$iban = new Iban('DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00');
$validator = new Validator();

if (!$validator->validate($iban)) {
    foreach ($validator->getViolations() as $violation) {
        echo $violation;

You can also customize the violation messages by providing them via configuration. Just create a Validator passing a config array as constructor argument.


use Iban\Validation\Validator;

$validator = new Validator([
    'violation.unsupported_country' => 'The requested country is not supported!',
    'violation.invalid_length' => 'The length of the given Iban is not valid!',
    'violation.invalid_format' => 'The format of the given Iban is not valid!',
    'violation.invalid_checksum' => 'The checksum of the given Iban is not valid!',

You can pass true to the second argument of the Validator::validate(string|Iban $iban, bool $throw = false) in order to retrieve exceptions thrown on validation errors.

$validator = new Validator();

try {
    $validator->validate(new Iban('DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00'), throw: true);
} catch (Exception $exception) {
    // ...

Iban Information


use Iban\Validation\Iban;
use Iban\Validation\CountryInfo;

$iban = new Iban('IBAN DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00');
$iban->countryCode(); // 'DE'
$iban->checksum(); // '89'
$iban->bban(); // '370400440532013000'
$iban->bbanBankIdentifier(); // '37040044'
$iban->format(Iban::FORMAT_PRINT); // 'DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00'
$iban->format(Iban::FORMAT_ELECTRONIC); // 'DE89370400440532013000'

$countryInfo = new CountryInfo('DE');
$countryInfo->getCountryName(); // 'Germany'
$countryInfo->getIbanStructureSwift(); // 'DE2!n8!n10!n'
$countryInfo->getBbanStructureSwift(); // '8!n10!n'
$countryInfo->getIbanRegex(); // '/^DE\d{2}\d{8}\d{10}$/'
$countryInfo->getBbanRegex(); // '/^\d{8}\d{10}$/'
$countryInfo->getIbanLength(); // 22
$countryInfo->getBbanLength(); // 18
$countryInfo->getIbanPrintExample(); // 'DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00'
$countryInfo->getIbanElectronicExample(); // 'DE89370400440532013000'

How to contribute

If you want to fix some bugs or want to enhance some functionality, please fork one of the release branches and create your own development branch. Then fix the bug you found or add your enhancements and make a pull request. Please commit your changes in tiny steps and add a detailed description on every commit.

All pull requests must be accompanied by following coding style and static code analysis rules and passing unit tests. You can run all checks and tests by executing:

$ make it


Jan Schädlich



MIT License