Laminas module to provide a translation GUI

1.0.0 2022-07-19 22:47 UTC

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Last update: 2022-10-01 08:40:51 UTC


Zend Framework 3 module to provide a translation GUI. Uses Laminas\Db. All unknown non-translated phrases are added to the database. This can be used to translate both static and dynamic (ex. Database values) strings. This module can be customized to translate strings into any number of languages (defaults to English, Spanish, German and Portuguese).

This repository is used in a production website, but is far from perfect. Any help to make it more useful for the world is more than welcome!


  1. Require JTranslate

    php composer.phar require jroedel/jtranslate
  2. Copy config/jtranslate.config.php.dist to your Application config folder, and customize the values.

  3. Create the two tables with the sql in config/database.sql.dist.

  4. Enable it in your application.config.php file:

    return [
        'modules' => [
            // ...
        // ...
  5. The GUI can be accessed from admin/translations. Make sure to only allow administers to access the jtranslate and child routes. bjyoungblood/BjyAuthorize is a great module for route-based access control.

How it works

  1. At the beginning of every php instance, a pattern is added to the MvcTranslator including phpArray files in the /language folder of every loaded module in the /module folder.

  2. At dispatch the Text Domain of the MvcTranslator is set to the root namespace of the Controller that is recieving the request. This serves to store translations together with the corresponding module.

  3. Untranslated phrases are collected in the TranslationsTable by listening to the EVENT_MISSING_TRANSLATION event of the Translator.

  4. At the MvcEvent::EVENT_FINISH event, we add any new phrases to the database.

  5. When a user edits a phrase from the admin/translations page, all translations from that module are written to phpArrays in the /language folder of the corresponding module. If the /language folder of a particular module doesn't exist, it will be created at this time. Phrases that belong to a Text Domain that is not the name of one of the loaded modules will be saved in a subfolder of the /language folder in the root.

NOTE: Never manually edit a translations php file, as it would be overwritten from the database. If manual changes must be made, make them from the database.