PHP Wrapper for Project Honey Pot

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PHP Wrapper for Project Honey Pot. Compatible with PHP 5.3+ and HHVM.


The preferred installation method is via composer. From the root of your project simply run:

composer require "joshtronic/php-projecthoneypot:dev-master"


Getting Started

$php = new joshtronic\ProjectHoneyPot('_YOUR_API_KEY_');

Performing a Lookup

$results = $php->query('');


Queries will return an array of information about the IP address. The array will contain last_activity, threat_score and an array of categories.

Simulating Results

The folks at Project Honey Pot were kind enough to include a way to simulate results from their http:BL API. You can do so by performing queries against the following IP addresses.

Visitor Types

  • - Search Engine
  • - Suspicious
  • - Harvester
  • - Suspicious & Harvester
  • - Comment Spammer
  • - Suspicious & Comment Spammer
  • - Harvester & Comment Spammer
  • - Suspicious & Harvester & Comment Spammer

Threat Levels

  • - Threat level 10
  • - Threat level 20
  • - Threat level 40
  • - Threat level 80

Number of Days

  • - 10 days since last seen
  • - 20 days since last seen
  • - 40 days since last seen
  • - 80 days since last seen


Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome, but karma points are earned for pull requests.

Unit tests are required for all contributions. You can run the test suite from the tests directory simply by running phpunit .

I also urge you to install a honey pot and donate some MX records to Project Honey Pot. They are doing great work, they provide http:BL as a free service and your donations help make their service ever better!

If you’re not already a member, please sign up today with my referral code.