CLI application to synchronize a project with Crowdin

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This is a simple command line based script allowing Joomla! CMS repositories to synchronize their translations with Crowdin.


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Composer
  • An established project on Crowdin
  • A crowdin.yaml file containing the repository configuration


To install this project, run the following command:

composer require joomla/crowdin-sync


To run this script, simply run the following command:


It requires one of two configuration switches:

  • --download to download all translations of this project
  • --upload to update the source files of this project


Several aspects of the script may be configured with switches on the crowdin script, including:

  • --crowdin-config allows you to specify a custom path to your crowdin.yaml file; this must be relative to the project's root directory and defaults to crowdin.yaml if not specified
  • --crowdin-project allows you to specify the project name on Crowdin to connect to and defaults to the project_identifier value from the crowdin.yaml file
  • --crowdin-api-key allows you to specify the API key to use to connect to Crowdin; if this is not set, the environment variable specified by api_key_env in the crowdin.yaml file will be used