A Oh Dear integration for Statamic v3.

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Statamic 3.0+ Latest Version on Packagist

A OhDear integration for Statamic v3.

Check your monitored uptime, SSL certificates, mixed content and broken links easily from your Statamic control panel.

Oh Dear

To use this addon, you need to have an OhDear account.


Step 1

Pull in your package with composer

composer require jonassiewertsen/statamic-oh-dear

Step 2

Create an Oh Dear API Key

Step 3

Add your Oh Dear API key and the site id to your .env file


Maintenance Periods

When deploying, often your site will be down for a few minutes, which is totally ok. If not telling Oh Dear about, it will detect the downtime and may send mails to you and maybe your clients. You Uptime charts will show this downtime as well.

To avoid this behavior, you can define maintenance periods with Oh Dear and this Statamic Oh Dear integration will take care of it for you.

There are two options available:

Auto Maintenance Mode

Are you deploying (fx with Forge) and making use of the php artisan down and php artisan up command? Perfect. Turn on the auto maintenance mode on and we will hook into those commands, so you don't need to worry about anything.

// Inside your .env file

Maintenance commands

You want to stay in control? No problem. You can use the following commands:

php please ohdear:maintenance start
php please ohdear:maintenance stop

Add the Widget

To add a small widget to your dashboard, tell your config file to do so. Open config/statamic/cp.php and look for the "Dashboard widgets" section and add it.

'widgets' => [
  // mabye other widgets


I love to share with the community. Nevertheless, it does take a lot of work, time and effort.

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This plugin is published under the MIT license. Feel free to use it and remember to spread love.