v2.0.0-beta.3 2020-08-06 21:10 UTC


Statamic 3.0+ Latest Version on Packagist

"Butik" is a Scandinavian term for a small to medium sized shop, precisely what this Statamic addon has been crafted for. The Statamic Butik e-commerce solution will integrate nicely with your personal Statamic site and help to grow your online business.

You can use the light and simple design as shipped or customize it after your needs, to integrate it perfectly into your existing design.

Version 2

Right now, I am working hard to get version 2 out through the door. There will be some bigger changes, but it's close.

Please check out the beta version and the very enhanced documentation:



Before going into productions with Statamic Butik, you need to buy a license at the Statamic Marketplace.

Statamic Butik is not free software.


"Butik" is an addon for Statamic v3, which is in beta right now. Until Statamic v3 is in beta, you should be careful to use Butik in production. There can be breaking changes!