A library containing my standard development resources

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A library containing my standard development resources


PHP 5.4 or higher
WordPress 4.0.1

The required PHP version will always be the oldest major release that has not received its end-of-life announcement.

The required WordPress version will always be the most recent point release of the previous major release branch.

For both PHP and WordPress requirements, although this library may work with a version below the required versions, they will not be supported and any compatibility is entirely coincidental.


To install this library, use Composer:

composer require johnpbloch/wordpress-dev:*

I don't recommend bundling this library for distribution with a plugin or theme, but it's MIT code, so you can certainly do that if you wish. If you really want to do that, I still suggest you install it in the plugin or theme using Composer and just commit the relevant files from the vendor directory, and then take advantage of the autoloading that Composer affords you. This will at least mitigate the risk of name collisions should two modules be using this library (although it won't prevent the inevitable bugs that come from two codebases potentially trying to use different versions of the same library...).


Take a look around the examples directory and browse the source code in src for some examples of how to use these classes.


This code is distributed under the MIT license. See for more details.