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Cast for Laravel

This package provide cast for Laravel.


  • Laravel Framework >= 5.8


You can install the package via composer:

composer require jn-jairo/laravel-cast

The CastServiceProvider will be automatically registered for you.


Both contract \JnJairo\Laravel\Cast\Contracts\Cast and facade \JnJairo\Laravel\Cast\Facades\Cast are available.

There are three methods Cast::cast(), Cast::castDb() and Cast::castJson().

  • Cast::cast() casts to PHP types
  • Cast::castDb() casts to database types
  • Cast::castJson() casts to json types

All methods accept three parameters mixed $value, string $type and optionally string $format.


print_r(Cast::cast('{"foo":"bar"}', 'array'));
    [foo] => bar

print_r(Cast::castDb(1234.555, 'decimal', '10:2'));
// 1234.56

print_r(Cast::castDb(['foo' => 'bar'], 'json'));
// {"foo":"bar"}

print_r(Cast::castJson(new DateTime('01 jan 2000'), 'date'));
// 2000-01-01

Types available

  • int, integer
  • float, real, double
  • decimal
  • bool, boolean
  • date
  • datetime
  • timestamp
  • json
  • array
  • object
  • collection
  • string, text
  • uuid

Format parameter

  • decimal - precision:places|(up|down|ceiling|floor|half_up|half_down|half_even|half_odd|truncate). Example: 10:2|half_up, 10:2, 2, half_up. Default: 28:2|half_up. The decimal type uses the https://php-decimal.io extension, to use this type run composer require php-decimal/php-decimal:^1.1 and install the decimal extension.
  • date - Example: Y-m-d. Default: Y-m-d.
  • datetime, timestamp - Example: Y-m-d H:i:s. Default: Y-m-d H:i:s.
  • uuid - (uuid1|uuid4|ordered). Example: uuid1. Default: uuid4. Empty string value will return a new UUID. To use ordered UUID format run composer require moontoast/math:^1.1.

Custom types

To create a custom type just implements the contract \JnJairo\Laravel\Cast\Contracts\Type.

class CustomType implements \JnJairo\Laravel\Cast\Contracts\Type
    // ...

Publish the configuration to config/cast.php.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=JnJairo\\Laravel\\Cast\\CastServiceProvider

Set the new type in the configuration.

// config/cast.php

return [
    'types' => [
        'custom_type' => CustomType::class,

And the custom type will be available.

Cast::cast('foo', 'custom_type');


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.