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It's a simple transport for use with Swiftmailer to send mail over AWS SES.

As on December 2011, Amazon provides an SMTP interface to SES, so you may prefer to use Swiftmailer's built in SMTP transport.

There is, however, a persistent-connections branch which might get you faster overall throughput than SMTP. This isn't merged into master yet, so you'll need to tweak your composer.json to install it. You can find that change, and keep track of progress on PR #26.

Where do I put it?

The best way to use it is through composer.

$ composer require jmhobbs/swiftmailer-transport-aws-ses

Which will bring in Swiftmailer if you don't already have it installed.

Otherwise Swift can autoload it if you put the files in this directory:

[swift library root]/classes/Swift/AWSTransport.php

How do I use it?

Like any other Swiftmailer transport:

//Create the Transport
$transport = Swift_AWSTransport::newInstance( 'AWS_ACCESS_KEY', 'AWS_SECRET_KEY' );

//Create the Mailer using your created Transport
$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transport);


Symfony1.X configuration

# app/frontend/config/factories.yml

    class: sfMailer
        class:          Swift_AWSTransport
        accessKeyId:    your-access-key
        secretKey:      Y0uR-$3cr3t5-k3y
        debug:          false
        endpoint:       '' # make sure to use trailing slash !

How do I get the message ID on send?

You need to register the Swift_Events_ResponseReceivedListener plugin with a callback. See example/responseListener.php for details.

	new Swift_Events_ResponseReceivedListener( function ( $message, $body ) {
		echo sprintf( "Message-ID %s.\n", $body->SendRawEmailResult->MessageId );

Swiftmailer Version

Please note that some users have had issues with older versions of Swiftmailer.

Versions 4.1.3 and up should work fine.


  • @jmhobbs - Original development
  • @bertrandom - Bug fix
  • @themouette - Plugins & Symfony compatible
  • @jonatrey & @faz - Debugging and Testing issue #13
  • @casconed - Made debug function more robust, issue #21
  • @martijngastkemper - Added responseReceived event to get message id from AWS