World of Warcraft API wrapper

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There's a lot here and nothing is documented yet. If you're savvy, you can probably figure it out before I add documentation... If not, I'll add it sooner or later.

cnf/site.example.ini is an example configuration required for setting up the database and such.

sql/tables.sql is the database structure that is used.. you can replace LW_ with whatever setting you put in the ini.

I am leaving my basic testing source index.php in here as it might give a small clue as to how things work and get you started.

You can look in Core.class and modify the default region, server, etc there if you'd like. Yes, I am Archnemisis from on Thrall... defaults are useful for figuring out a toon behind a programmer I suppose.

Anyways, that is all for now. I add phpDoc blocks before I fully update this readme, so auto-generated documentation might help more!

Take care!

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