Gettext client API for https://www.tradukoj.com

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This is an alone program that allows to synchronize your po files with tradukoj remote server

First of all, you need

  • Clone this project whenever you want in your computer
  • launch composer install
  • Create an account in tradukoj.com and create a project
  • copy the file config.ini.dis as config.ini and copy the data of project into it




git clone https://github.com/jlaso/tradukoj-po-mo-module tradukoj-po-mo-sync
cd tradukoj-po-mo-sync
composer install  # to install dependencies

You can also add the module by composer.json, adding in require clause:

    "jlaso/tradukoj-po-mo-module": "*"

This is the content of the standard config.ini.dis

project_id = ?
key = ?
secret = ?
url = 'https://www.tradukoj.com/api/'
managed_locales = ?

You need to copy this file as config.ini, and substitute the ? symbol by the ones provided by tradukoj.

Invoke the command

cd tradukoj-po-mo-sync
php sync.php --help / to obtain help
php sync.php --upload=yes --dir=path-to-your-locale-files

Tool to transform csv files to po files

php csv2po.php --input=sample.csv

Look inside sample.csv to know the correct format that the tools expects.


In the folder structure there is a example with LOCALE files and a test program in order to check if gettext is installed in the system.

You can check the test program with this command:

php examples/php/test.php [locale]

The output of this command for en locale is:

testing gettext
general.no_records_found: No records found.
general.one_record_found: Total one record found
general._d_records_found: Total 10 records found