Automation tool for remote servers with pure PHP ssh2.

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This is a little wrapper to automate task in remote servers

with this package you can install, backup or do anything you want via ssh commands

You need to install ssh2 support for PHP


In OSX for me was useful this guide:


You can test or run locally with the ansible recipe to start a VirtualMachine

once composer launched move to vendor/jlaso/ss2h/

and start machine with vagrant up

obviously you need to have installed vagrant and ansible in your system

Once into the virtualmachine (with vagrant ssh) move to /vagrant and run composer install

Then you can run the demo with php demo.php

You can run the demo also in your local machine if you have support for php-ssh2


Servers declaration: see servers.ini.dist and copy or rename to servers.ini

Tasks automation see commands.ini.dist and copy or rename to commands.ini