Client API for ovh.com domain functions

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This module permits comunication with ovh.com API


Checkout a copy of the code::

// in composer.json
"require": {
    // ...
    "jlaso/ovh-domain-api": "*"
    // ...
// ..

Use of the API in your developments

use JLaso\OvhDomainApi\Service\OvhApi;

$ovhUser = "xxxxx-ovh";
$ovhPass = "123456";
define("SANDBOX_MODE", true);
$locale = "en";

$ovhApi = new OvhApi($ovhUser, $ovhPass, SANDBOX_MODE, $locale);

 * To register a new domain 
$ovhApi->registerDomain("example.com", $ovhUser);

 * To check if a domain it's Available
$isAvailable = $ovhApi->isAvailable("example.com");

print ($isAvailable ? 'The domain is AVAILABLE' : 'The Domain is UNAVAILABLE');

 * To create an [ownerId](http://www.ovh.com/soapi/en/?method=nicCreate) (individual) 
 * to register domains in this account
$ownerId = $ovhApi->createOwnerId(new OwnerDomain(
    'My Name',
    'My LastName',
    'My Address',
    'My Area',
    'My City',
    'My Country',
    'My Zip Code',

$ovhApi->registerDomain('example.com', $ownerId);

You can see the SimpleSample in the Example folder.

More information in the page of ovh