Multiple upload form control for Nette framework.

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SEEKING FOR NEW MAINTAINER: As I do not use this code anymore, I rarely contribute to this repository. Feed free to fork it and continue with development. I will be happy to give you access to this repository and composer package.

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MultipleFileUpload (shorter MFU) is an add-on that makes uploading thousands of huge files piece of cake. Just 4 simple steps and you will not need to deal with chunking, autentization of uploads or browser compatibility.

Thanks to multi-backend design you can change your file storage just by changing line in documentation. Currently allows you to pick up one of these storages SQLite3 (default), SQLite and Dibi (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSql, ...).

This add-on also allows you to change UI library just by changing one config property. Currently are supported PlUpload, Uploadify, SwfUpload and standard HTML4 form fields. You can add more interfaces - than the best supported for client's browser will be automatically chosen.


  1. Install composer if you don't have it yet
  2. run composer require jkuchar/multiplefileupload:1.*
  3. Copy files from libs/jkuchar/multiplefileupload/public to www/MultipleFileUpload and include them into your template.
  4. Register addon and you are done!

For more information see example project with this addon.


$f = new Form($this,$name);

$f->addMultipleFileUpload("exampleUploadField1","Upload field 1", /*max num. of files*/ 20)
  ->addRule('MultipleFileUpload\MultipleFileUpload::validateFilled',"You must upload at least one file")
  ->addRule('MultipleFileUpload\MultipleFileUpload::validateFileSize',"Files you've selected are too big.", 1024); //kB


Uploadify and SwfUpload are a little unmaintained. If you are interested you can get commit right to this repo. First create pull request and if it is ok, drop me a line that you want to have commit rights.

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