Provides a Composer script to project skeleton hydration by placeholders replacements.

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composer-hydration is a simple package that provides a Composer Script to be used as placeholder replacement, mostly used by 'skeletons' projects.


composer run-script hydrate -- --replace={FRUIT}:"apple",{INGREDIENT}:"cinnamon"

The script will search for the placeholders in file content, file names and folders.


$ /path/composer/project/{FRUIT}.txt
"I love {FRUIT} with {INGREDIENT}, is a good combination!"


$ /path/composer/project/apple.txt
"I love apple with cinnamon, is a good combination!"


Install Composer

Since composer-hydration is a Composer script, you need to install composer first.

Note: The instructions below refer to the global composer installation. You might need to replace composer with php composer.phar (or similar) for your setup.

Add package dependency

Add composer-hydration as package dependency of your project, updating your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "jkribeiro/composer-hydration": "~1"

Define the Composer Script

Define the Composer script, adding this entry to your composer.json:

    "scripts": {
        "hydrate": "Jkribeiro\\Composer\\ComposerHydration::meatOnBones"

Install Project

composer install


There are some ways that you can execute this script:

Execute the command manually

After have the package installed, you can run the command manually to have your values placed.

composer run-script hydrate -- --replace={SEARCH}:{REPLACE},..."

Hydrate during the Composer Events

Composer fires some events during its execution process, useful to define on which step/event it will perform the hydration process.

In the example below, the hydration process will occur after the project installation:

    "scripts": {
        "hydrate": "Jkribeiro\\Composer\\ComposerHydration::meatOnBones",
        "post-install-cmd": "@composer run-script hydrate -- --replace={{PROJECT_NAMESPACE}}:{%BASENAME%}"

Variables as Replacement values

Sometimes we need to use dynamic replacement values on composer.json, not only hardcoded values like {FRUIT}:banana, for these cases, there are two possibilities:

Environment Variables

composer.json allows environment variables as replacement placeholder value, like {{PROJECT_NAMESPACE}}:$PROJECT_NAME", $PROJECT_NAME is the variable name. You must define the variables before execute the Composer commands.


    "scripts": {
        "hydrate": "Jkribeiro\\Composer\\ComposerHydration::meatOnBones",
        "post-install-cmd": "@composer run-script hydrate -- --replace={{PROJECT_NAMESPACE}}:$PROJECT_NAME"


$ export PROJECT_NAME="My Project"
$ composer install

"Magic Constants"

Using the same idea of PHP Magic constants, composer-hydration provides some Magic constants too.

  • {%BASENAME%}: Returns the base folder name where the script is being executed, normally is the name of the project.

  • {%UCFIRST_BASENAME%}: Returns the base folder name with the first character capitalized.

  • {%UPPER_CAMEL_CASE_BASENAME%}, {%LOWER_CAMEL_CASE_BASENAME%}: Returns the base folder name using the upper/lower camel case format. Only the folder name separators '-', '_' are allowed.


    $ ~/Projects/myproject: composer run-script hydrate -- --replace={{PROJECT_NAMESPACE}}:{%BASENAME%}"

    Placeholders with {{PROJECT_NAMESPACE}} will be replaced by myproject.