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What is the Jity Deployment Service?

The Jity Deployment Service is a common Symfony2 application to deploy any kind of applications to remote or local systems.

It can be used as a standalone application or as a extension to phing. If it is used as an extension, all tasks will be available to given build files.


Deployment Application

  • Highly customizeable
  • Semantic configuration, only specify essentials and skip default values


  • All paths will be identified and normalized by default
  • All config values will be parsed for contatiner and runtime %parameters%
  • An schemantic configuration can be dumped to list all default values and constains


  • Fetch the source distribution from serveral sources
    • Use the local source
    • Use a Git repository
    • Use a Svn repository

Fixtures Loading

  • Have a prebuild set of static files which will be needed for a certain environment? Just include these files to the fixtures collection and they will be copied over to the deployment archiv
  • With this feature you can quickly manage multiple configuration files or any similar because the fixtures will overwrite the fetched files

Installer Compiler

  • Partial/Hooks can be inserted for
    • Base, Pre-Base, Post-Base
    • Environment, Pre-Environment, Post-Environment,
    • Specific slaves
  • Validate installer syntax
  • Print builded installer script for debugging and visualization


  • Compressing algorithm for the package can be configured
    • gzip - fast processing, acceptable compression
    • bzip2 - acceptable processing, good compression
    • xz - acceptable processing, best compression

Package & Installer Deployment

  • All relevant files will be copied in parallel to the slaves for the current environment to speed up the process

Package Installation

  • All slaved will be installed in parallel to speed up the process
  • If a slave got errors while processing they will be logged and displayed but they dont affect the installation of the other slaves

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